Dream Counsel: Closing Session

After listening to M707’s nonsensical babbling for the past hour, P705 became determined to share her dream with the group next. She couldn’t have M707 one up her; she would’ve never heard the end of it! She relied on her courage to get through the ordeal in preparation to speak. P705 was reluctant in opening up to a bunch of strangers, so she thought bringing M707 along would ease her nerves. What she didn’t expect, was M707’s plan to share his own dreams, which in turn made her embarrassed to be associated with him.

P705: If you all don’t mind, I’d like to explain my dream to the group. But don’t worry, it’s pretty short.

SC: Go ahead, floor’s yours!

P705: I remember seeing my brother being carried off to prison. My dream then cut to me peering through a prison window to the visiting room. Apparently, I was visiting him for the first time so I was nervous. Afterward, I was whisked away to the visiting room in dreamlike fashion, somehow without walking, appearing in a new place almost instantly. Strangely, the lights were off, but I could still see him.

Rendiansyah Nugroho via Unsplash.

Although I felt that he was my brother, his face was unidentifiable through the black scribbled lines. Despite this, I sat on the chair facing him, picked up the phone, and stared through the transparent wall between us. We talked for a bit, but I could only recall asking how he landed himself in prison. When he started to explain, all chaos broke out. The lights started flashing and emergency alarms wailed accompanied by cries of agony. Amidst the chaos, my brother kicked down the door that connected our two rooms. I backed into a corner, fearing for my life as I tried to process everything going on in the room. There were no open doors nor windows to escape through. I was trapped.

P705: Before anything else could happen, I woke up unable to breathe. That dream was frightening to me because it felt so realistic; every interaction, every feeling, I felt like I had gone through this before.

SC: If you don’t mind me asking, where is your brother now?

M707 put his hand on her shoulder as a silent gesture of comfort. After a few minutes she finally answered,

P705: Prison. We were close, my brother and I. He was committed when I was ten, but until I was seventeen, he had disappeared, as far as I knew. I was devastated, but I was forbidden to go see him. Once upon a time ago, I tried visiting him but didn’t get as far as the driveway.

SC: I’m sorry you had to go through that at such a young age. And forgive me if I touch any nerves in your analysis, I only plan to give you truth and honesty.

P705: No worries, I would like nothing more.

P705’s Letter of Analysis

Dear Patient in Question,

I believe this might be a touchy subject for you, so again, keep in mind that I’m only thinking of your best interests. The scene in the dream of your brother being cut off from explaining why he was in prison, is most likely due to your questions about his crimes. And as much as you would like to know what that is, you’re scared of what it may be. You’re afraid this could change how you feel about him. How you remember him. You didn’t want something like this to taint your memories.

Even after all these years, you never bothered to ask or even look it up. Nowadays, everything is on the internet. You could find out in an instant. But not only were you afraid, you know you’d feel guilty finding out that way. You kept yourself in the dark and only saw the brother you knew through your own eyes. You thought this was the best way to preserve the good memories when in fact, it only drove you farther from understanding him. That drove an invisible wall between you and your brother.

Subconsciously, you kept yourself trapped, sheltered from a truth that could completely change how you perceived someone you thought you knew your whole life. Unsure of the person you would uncover after tearing down the walls. But most importantly, your greatest fear is being unable to recognize him. You may have felt that he was your brother in your dream, but when it came to facing him in prison, all you could see was a bunch of scribbled lines.

Your journey is going to be rough, but there’s a possibility that understanding your dream is the first step in telling you what lies ahead.

Best Wishes,

Specialist Connor of the Dream Counsel

SC: Now before we wrap up today’s session, is there anyone else who feels they absolutely have to talk about their dream? Or confident that you’ll forget your dream before you can tell us about it when we meet again?

L618 slowly raises her hand up.

L618: Actually, I might have to take you up on that offer. I’m extremely forgetful so I should probably talk now. My dream is very short so I’m sure I won’t take up much time.

Timo Vijn via Unsplash.

A couple of nights ago, I had this freaky dream. It was about this gigantic, cartoon-like ladybug who was chasing me down my street. I was practically running a marathon trying to get away from this thing! It was closing in fast, my skin could sense its warm breath and slimy saliva dripping down the back of my neck. As soon as I spotted my house up ahead, I ran like there was no tomorrow and threw myself into my house, slamming the door close behind me. Just when I thought it was over, the ladybug had taken it upon thyself, to then disperse into a million tiny, little squirming bugs. Honestly, if it was possible to pass out in a dream, I did just that. Officially done and over it.

M707: That’s the dream? Lady, I think you’re just afraid of bugs! Professional or not, even I could connect that.

P705: Funny that’s coming from you…

L618: Indeed, the young lady is correct. If we were to put our dreams next to each other, any person could easily tell which one was dreamt by an idiot.

H418: Cool it, you guys.

M707: I was just joking!

SC: Everyone! May I ask that everyone continue to give the respect you gave each other when you all shared your dreams. This is a safe place where everyone is welcome to share their darkest and strangest dreams. No matter what your dream is about, we shall not judge.

M707: My mistake, I goofed off and didn’t think of the consequences. Sorry.

H418: It’s turning into actual counseling…

SC: Moving on, L618 you mentioned before you didn’t need the letter? Forgive me, but I do recall you stating you often forget things.

L618: No harm done. It is indeed strange that a forgetful woman such as myself would forego a record of analysis, but it motivates me in ensuring I don’t forget important things to me. My therapist said it would help.

SC: Noted… But M707 is somewhat right about the observation of your fear of bugs. This dream could be triggered by a past trauma that involves ladybugs. I will say, it seems you trust being in the safety of your home. Which can be nice to hear because you probably grew up in a good environment where you’re comfortable in your surroundings. But that can only go so far. Like others who fear bugs, the trust in the safety of your home can easily be shattered as soon as an infestation of bugs arises.

L618: Hmm, ladybugs made me get therapy, and now it leads me to counsel for dreams.  They sure are revolting creatures.

SC: Ahem! Oh goodness, would you look at the time? At this rate, I might be late for my next session! Thank you for showing up today everyone. I am honored to be the one to help you out with your dreams. Remember the next session meets in this room at nine in the morning! Please be there on time, for sure, we won’t start late. Thank you again for joining us at Dream Counsel and we’re looking forward to seeing you again!