Meme Team: Zinerva (Part 3)

What happened to Zinerva after the ordeal with her parents? (If you missed part two of this post, stop now and read this!) Zinerva retreated to a rural area, far away from the nearest town. Isolated, she felt terribly lonely, but she stayed far away because she didn’t want to put Noella in harm’s way. Unable to bear being without her, she recalled a spell she once read in a magic book, which she hoped would ease her pain. She then used this knowledge to create a familiar, a magical creature that acts as a companion and obeys its summoner’s every command.

Zinerva constantly worried about her partner, unsure if she was safe. In an attempt to ease her pain and worry, she transformed into a person who was unrecognizable to anyone in her hometown; this allowed her to return to her hometown in secret. Zinerva roamed the town only to discover it was business as usual, however, there seemed to be a paranoia looming over the town. Since the death of her parents, the citizens were more wary about an outsider. Unable to locate Noella, she asked the townspeople if they knew where she was, though most of them were hesitant to speak with her. Finally, one person was able to answer her question. The young school teacher explained that Noella disappeared from the town around the same time that Zinerva lashed out at her parents.

After hearing about this response to her actions, Zinerva became even more fearful for Noella’s safety. She left her hometown and began her search for her beloved. Ashamed of being a changeling, she maintained a human alter ego named Dinella throughout her adventure. Her reason for becoming a witch was due to her interest in magic and her hope that magic would allow her to find Noella sooner. To this day, she wanders the land in search of her lost love, Noella. Hopefully, you will now understand why Zinerva is extremely reserved and self-involved. She avoids getting into other people’s business and doesn’t like being told what to do. Does this sound like anyone else you know? 

I hope you liked learning about Zinerva and her various alter-egos! Next time to on Meme Team, I will be diving into a new character named Velzoria!