Meme Team: Zinerva (Part 2)

Hold on to your seats cause it’s about to get crazy dramatic! (If you missed part one of this post, stop now and read this!After learning about her true identity, Noella kept Zinerva’s identity a secret and they became the best of friends. Their favorite hangout spot was the same location where they made their pact. Noella would bring objects Zinerva could use to really explore her true identity and magic potential dropping all egos and expectations.

At first, it was difficult for Zinerva, since she lived her whole life through her parent’s ideals. Zinerva started to take interest in magic, herbs and tea recipes. As she studied magic and magical tomes, she would show her spells to Noella, she even became her taste tester. Though, this came to a halt when one of her spells including the offensive ones got out of control, nearly hurting them.

They got closer the more they hung out and Zinerva really felt Noella was a great friend. Though over time Zinerva started to develop romantic feelings. She was afraid to share this as she feared she would lose Noella, the most important person in her life. However, Noella started to show signs that her feelings might be mutual. This gave Zinerva the opportunity to share – though hesitantly and nervously – she told Noella her feelings. Noella felt the same way and to her relief, they began to fall deeply in love.

One day they were seen together and Zinerva was seen as a changeling in her true form. Soon rumors began to spread like wildfire spreading all the way to both their parents. This enraged Zinerva’s parents, not only that she was caught in her true form, but for being in love with a woman. This led them to beat her until she was bruised and bloody for ruining their reputation. Zinerva could not contain her emotions anymore, she was filled with so much grief, shame, and anger that she used powerful attack magic. Her emotions caused such a powerful jolt, that her magic lead to the death of her parents and destroyed their home.

What would Zinerva do? In a panic state, she left town knowing they would hunt her down. She ran away leaving everything behind including her beloved partner.