Meme Team: Zinerva (Part 1)

Get ready to be hit with the feels! This week, I will be telling you about Zinerva, a Changeling who once lived in a conservative hometown. She was dropped off in front of her adoptive parent’s house when she was just a baby. Unsure how to approach the situation, they initially thought of dropping Zinerva somewhere else, but ultimately decided that the town was their opportunity to raise Zinerva to become the perfect child they had always envisioned. At first, her adoptive parents concealed her true physical form by transforming Zinerva into a child that looked like them. The goal was to turn her into the perfect daughter, a daughter that was obedient, intelligent, and mature. This caused Zinerva to be torn between what her adoptive parents wanted and her true identity. For a long time, she pretended to be someone she was not in order to make her parents happy. She hoped one day that they would love her for her true self.

To keep her parents happy, Zinerva attempted to be an excellent student and was super focused. Noella, a student in her class, felt like there was something off with Zinerva; something below the surface. One day, through a strange series of events, Noella and Zinerva accidentally bumped into each other, which exposed Zinerva’s true identity. Momentarily, she reverted back to her form as an otherworldly pale white humanoid with messy hair, instead of a more typical-looking teenager. Zinerva begged her to keep her true form a secret. Noella accepted her for who she was, and understood how much it meant to Zinerva to keep her true form hidden. She agreed to keep everything she saw a secret. There is much more to Zinerva’s story. If you want to find out more, stay tuned for the second post about Zinerva the Changeling Witch!