Thrifters × Anonymous: Meeting Called to Order

Catie Rimmer

Hello and welcome to Thrifters × Anonymous, a column from one thrift addict to another. Think of this column as a map, to help you navigate the mean streets of San Francisco, Pacifica, and the other vintage-friendly cities that make up the Bay Area! I’m going to make my posts short and sweet (everything I am not). I will post about anything and everything thrift, vintage, and second hand, the best places to go, and what I’ve found (including occasional lookbooks). Thrifters × Anonymous will be a modern column for the vintage girl (and dapper gentleman). I can assure you it’s going to be more fabulous than Liberace, more colorful than a beach sunset, and cheaper than a dollar store lipstick. This is my first time riding The Wave, and I can guarantee it won’t be a wipeout.