Music For You: Latch

Music For You: Latch

Hello again! Guess what I have for you today? My cover! I’m sorry that it wasn’t posted up earlier, but it’s here now. I’m covering Latch by Disclosure, featuring  Sam Smith. You probably are all aware of this song by now, and if not, you will be after this! I first heard of this song through a beautiful, emotional contemporary dance video uploaded by a YouTube channel called shutupanddance. You should go check it out by clicking here. I’ve watched it over a million times, and it gets to me every time (the feels, the feels). In the video, a person is mourning the death of his deceased lover, but his lover suddenly appears before him in the form of a ghost. They dance together for the last time before she disappears. It was so beautiful. It showed how desperate they were to feel each other and be together one last time.

This is what I wanted to express to you guys. Not the latching onto a dead lover part, but I want to latch onto you guys and never let go. I know there’s too much cheese, but I really value your support and opinions. It also felt like a good first song to sing. Most of the songs that I know are extremely sad, and I didn’t want my first cover to depress you.

I love reading your comments and suggestions. Give me feedback. After watching the video, tell me what you think in the comments below or even give it a heart if you want (wink-wink).  If you want to download the song and listen to it without seeing my awkward faces, here is an audio-only version on SoundCloud. Click here. Okay, enough of my babbling. Enjoy!


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