Rags with Tags: The Mission

This past Friday, I decided to drag my friend Stefanie to San Francisco’s Mission District with me. (Luckily, Stefanie is currently taking a photography class and kindly offered to take photos for me.) As we made our way down from Dolores Park towards Valencia Street, we noticed a beautiful wall—yes you read that correctly—a beautiful wall with flowers spewing out from behind it. My natural reaction, being the girly girl that I am, was to squeal. My secondary reaction, as a blogger, was to immediately sprint, or swiftly take a light jog given that I was wearing my brand new boots, over to the miraculous wall that we had just stumbled upon. I’m quite certain that this wall was actually somebody’s backyard, so I would like to extend a sincere thank you to the unknowingly generous soul who owns it. OK, enough about the wall, it’s time to discuss what I am wearing.

Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs Faux Fur Charm: Jigsaw London
Jacket: Zara || Sweater: Madewell || Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs || Faux Fur Charm: Jigsaw London

This may come as a shock, but on this given Friday it was quite foggy and cold in the infamous “foggy city.” Due to this completely unexpected weather [jokes], I decided to reach for the staples of my wardrobe. It was definitely a bomber jacket type of day for me, and I hadn’t worn my favorite Madewell cowlneck houndstooth sweater in quite some time, so I was crossing my fingers that the two would look good together. Thankfully, they did, so then it was time to choose the bottom portion of my outfit. I automatically grabbed my favorite J.Crew black, ripped-knee jeans, and my brand-new beautifully amazing Ted Baker booties, and threw them on. I ended up resembling a British boy-bander such as Harry Styles or Alex Turner, but I was completely OK with that. I grabbed my favorite Marc by Marc Jacobs blush-pink purse with a fur charm from Jigsaw attached, and ran out the door as per usual.

Boots: Ted Baker Jeans: Jcrew
Boots: Ted Baker || Jeans: Jcrew