Chibi Tribe: Introduction

Hello I’m Erica Cheang. For my column on Sunset Media Wave I am going to do chibi drawings. (Chibis are a type of character that is sometimes used in manga and anime). Around the age of eight or ten, I began to draw chibi characters and anime characters. I was first influenced to start drawing chibi characters by my friend’s own drawnings of chibis, and I thought that maybe I could draw something like them too, so I began drawing characters every single day.

Each chibi character has an important role in the tribe because it’s important for them to succeed to become the next generation’s representative of the tribe. Before a tribe member can become a representative, they are tested on their bravery and leadership. Each character has a superpower that’s useful to the tribe—for example, watering the plants and crops or saving people from danger—but some chibis refuse to become a tribe representative because they feel that it requires a lot of responsibility and paper work.

For each post I will be drawing chibi characters that are from different tribes of my own creation and write a back story about them and what they do in their tribe. Stay tuned as the tribe comes together.