Post-It Kid: Hello Chum!

Amanda Kallenbach

Hey there folks! I’m Amanda, one of the new, fresh-off-the-press contributors at Sunset Media Wave, and I am very excited to launch Post-It Kid, where I will be sharing comics about my daily life. I always love to document my whereabouts and the activities I do, and I thought it would be fun to share them in the format of illustrations! My posts will resemble hourlies comics, which are when artists record what they do for 24 hours in simple, comedic drawings. You will be able to witness my ever so exciting life in the form of doodles on scraps of paper and post-it notes, and gasp and cry at my soap opera of a life (I’m lying, my life is actually pretty chill). I’m really excited to tell stories and just to be able to draw more. Expect great things from these posts, but make sure to not have your expectations too high.