A Sip in the Right Direction: Foam Masters

Hey Addicts,

There is a word, originating from Germany, so sacred to coffee addicts (especially those cappuccino aficionados) that it is spoken of in reverent tones and longing glances: foam! I am one of those cappuccino worshipers and wanted to start off my first review with a place I often frequent, known for their art of foam.

Jane opened on Fillmore Street in 2011 and has been an invaluable cafe to the neighborhood ever since! It’s casual sophistication is just edgy enough to catch your attention, while the graffiti mirror and bullhead have become an institution unto themselves. It is the perfect place to sit, drink, and talk away the afternoon.

Jane Sign
Jane Sign and Mirror

When you tell them bone dry (very little milk) first off, they know what that means, and second, they know how to make it. The cappuccino? Earthy, bitter, frothy… just immediately satisfying. I always say, “there are two types of good coffee: the ones that go down like water and the ones that go down like whiskey!” This one may as well be called Macallan.

Foam Fun
The Foam to End All Foam

Now, Stumptown beans are a rarer coffee to use these days as more are hopping on the Ritual or Four Barrel bandwagon (look for that in my next post), but there is still something very real about Stumptown’s bitter vibe. And that vibe translates to the cafe’s atmosphere.

Jane has a way of bringing out an inner rebel in you while still demanding you be yourself. It’s interior is chic with a black and white color scheme, dark wood floors and patterned marble countertops. It’s small, but unique. Lastly, the staff there are all incredibly friendly and can strike up a conversation on anything from The Strokes to the importance of light vs. dark roast and back again!

Four Beans
Rating: 4/5 Beans
Feeling Invoked: Sophisticated
Coffee Tasted: Cappuccino
Beans Used: Stumptown
Water vs. Whiskey: Whiskey

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