Alfreddo’s Anime corner: ReLIFE

Hey and welcome to Alfreddo’s Anime Corner. I am your host Alfreddo and today I will be reviewing an anime called ReLIFE.

This anime revolves around Arata Kaizaki,  who is an unemployed 27-year-old that serves as the story’s main protagonist. One day, he meets a guy that works for ReLIFE laboratory who gives Arata a pill that transforms him so that he appears to everyone else to only by 17-years-old, and gives him a chance to start his high school life again as for a year as a test subject.

Characters: 10/10

ReLIFE Characters

Arata Kaizaki – 27-years old who does not have a job. To get money he agrees to be part of the reLIFE experiment that transforms his appearance to that of a 17-year-old.

Hishiro Chizuru – Smart and shy girl who has no friends, but is her high school class representative.

Onoya An – Recently transferred to Aoba High School, just like Arata, but really she works for ReLIFE Laboratory and is part of the experiment’s support staff.

Ryou Yoake – One of the support staff for the ReLIFE laboratory who is in charge of observing Arata while he is in the experiment.

Kazuomi Ooga – A Senior at Aoba High School who is very smart and one of the class representatives, but he is  terrible at sports and does not know anything about love.

Rena Kariu – Arata’s classmate and a member of the volleyball club.

Music:  8/10
The opening music for this anime is “Button” by Penguin Research (the anime has many other closing themes). The theme gives the anime a good vibe and fits perfectly with ReLIFE. Normally, animes have the same ending and opening for a number of episodes, but there are too many endings for this one and I don’t like that is changes with every episode. I understand that the ending matches with what has happened in each episode, but having one ending can help reflect the whole anime better.

Story: 10/10
The story gets a 10/10 because it is plotted well and I love how it develops the characters by giving information about each character in a different episode.  This anime loves to leave an opening for you to imagine what may happen next.

Arata Kanzaki ‘s first day at school

Animation: 8/10
The animation for this anime  is amazing, and there are certain funny scenes which use chibi faces. The company TMS Entertainment put a lot of money into this anime and you can tell it is a high-budget anime.

The Best Thing About ReLIFE:
What I liked best about this anime is the character plot and the character back stories because each person in the anime has a certain personality which goes along with the story itself, but also the character’s back stories bring out their past memories and shows why they are who they are now.

The Worst Thing About ReLIFE:
The bad part of this anime is the constant changing of the ending music, and the occasional annoying characters that appear. The annoying characters are super clingy ones that attach to the protagonist and which make the main girl really jealous, which can be irritating.

Alfreddo’s Final Rating: 8/10
Overall this anime gets a 8/10, but this anime speaks for itself as it does have an amazing story and I also love that they throw in some romance and comedy, which grabs the attention of the person watching. I would totally recommend this anime to people who love romance and comedy anime with especially dense characters.  If you like ReLIFE I would also recommend the anime  My Love Story (Ore Monogatri) because it is similar in the way it deals with love and romance.