Music +1: PROJECT_1

Music +1: PROJECT_1

Hello, this is Karen here with my column Music +1. For this past week, I’ve spent my time at The Wave working on my first project. And… It’s here!

For my first project, I did a mashup of three songs. They are, “Catch Me” by TVXQ!, “The Best Luck” by Chen, and “Beautiful” by Baekhyun (both Chen and Baekhyun are members of EXO).

This is the first full project I’ve done on GarageBand, so I didn’t really know how to work with GarageBand. I encountered some challenges when I was creating this mashup. For example, when I moved my recordings around on the track map, some parts of other recorded clips on the same track got cut off because of the length of the recording that I moved. So, to anyone that encounters this issue, just make sure that you cut off the space in the beginning and end of each recording.

From messing up some notes in a recording, I learned how to fix them. For instance, if I played a wrong note, but it was close to the correct note, I would just move it up or down on the keyboard (a.k.a. piano roll) that shows the notes I played in the recording. If I played an extra note, I either move the velocity down to one or zero, or select that note, and delete it.

It was fun creating this cover on GarageBand because I was able to put different tracks together and recreate songs that I like and have listened to. I have really learned a lot from creating this first project.

I hope you enjoy my first project! Thank you for supporting my column, Music +1!

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