Not a Phase: The First Shift

Leah Mitchell

Doodling is an everyday activity for many teenagers. Whether we’re sketching in our notebooks at school or vandalizing some wall with graffiti, we like to express the chaos filling our heads through art. For me, doodling and sketching often occupy my attention at school, as does listening to music. In order to stay on track and draw in class less, I’m creating pieces filled with things I couldn’t live without. Each piece will be based around a few colors, and all the posts will fade into one another. This piece features some of my favorite albums, food, and the most useful means of transportation in my life. Space will be a constant symbol in my art because I want my viewers to remember that they should unleash their imagination! Many of the images are detailed with patterns to fill the empty spaces. I started drawing detailed prints in middle school because I was inspired by henna (hand art). Look at every detail in my pieces if you want to know me better.

Albums Featured:                                                             Songs Listened to While Creating:

Blkswn- Smino                                                                  Biking- Frank Ocean

Tyrant- Kali Uchis ft. Jorja Smith                                    4Ever- Clairo

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy- Kanye West       Meditate- Earthgang

Goblin- Tyler, The Creator                                              Speak- D’African