Dressed-Up Dress Up: Runa Yomozuki

With the recent quarantine, I’ve had a lot more time to create content. I’m super excited to share my cosplay of Runa Yomozuki! She’s a character from the anime Kakegurui, the same series as my last post. If you missed that one, the series revolves around an academy where social status is based on gambling prowess. Students are ranked by number for their donations to the student council, which keeps the gambling and betting going. Those who win gain status and glory, while those who lose and go into debt become slaves to the rest of the students. Students who are unable to pay off their debts by graduation pay with their lives and become “life slaves”. Runa is a member of the student government and moderates important gambling matches. In the game, she doesn’t have the stickers or clips I’m wearing, but I like to add little accessories to my cosplays and I thought they were a cute detail to add! If you’re interested, I would recommend looking into reading or watching Kakegurui; it’s an interesting series.