Feeling Nostalgic: Bus Rides

For the past few years, I have spent the large majority of my time on the bus. I take the bus almost everyday: to school, to work, or to simply meet friends. I live in the very secluded neighborhood of North Beach, which means that almost every bus trip I take winds up being at least thirty minutes. This leads to quite a lot of time to kill, and interestingly enough, I feel the most nostalgic on these long bus rides. Often, I find my mind wandering to the past, as I sit patiently waiting for my stop. I feel like I should appreciate bus rides more because they give me an opportunity to take a break and clear my mind. On these rides I also like to listen to podcasts by This American Life; and music by The Police, Fleetwood Mac, and Clairo. Sometimes the rides are the only peace I get all day.