Cut & Paste: In My Life

Sometimes places that may seem normal or unimportant are the ones that bring out the most emotion. Whether it be my bedroom, school, a park, or my grandparent’s house across the country, these places have vivid memories tied to them and emotions that I can almost instantly can connect them to.

As The Beatles once sang; “There are places I remember, all my life, though some have changed.” I think the themes throughout this song are really cool, and I want to portray a similar message with my art.

Making collages is something I’ve always done but now I want to share it. My goal is to take you to some of my places by cutting and pasting the clothes, food, landscapes, music other things that have made me grow and change as a person.

By doing this I hope to step back from my school work and spend more time doing what I enjoy and finding more appreciation for these places.