Out of the Closet: Thrift Shop

Hey all, today I’m here to talk to you about how to buy clothes. Buying clothes is the most important part of making your outfit because you can’t wear something you don’t have (duh). But also, sometimes you really shouldn’t wear something that you do have. Make sure you spend more time and effort buying clothes than you do trying to put together outfits in the morning.

When buying clothes always keep in mind what you have in your own closet and how this new article of clothing will add to it. You shouldn’t buy a piece that requires a wardrobe/body type that you don’t have simply because you like the way it looks on its own. For example, I want a pair of Rick Owens Geobaskets. I think they look cool as heck. HOWEVER, I’m 5’6” and those shoes are going to be almost a quarter of my height. I shouldn’t buy shoes that make me look shorter and so I have not bought Geobaskets and I should not buy them in the future—I also can’t afford them and that is the bigger reason why I’m not buying them (whoops).

im short homie

Going thrift shopping is rad and it’s a great for getting clothes for cheap, especially if you can find higher end clothes. The hardest part of thrifting is finding clothes that fit and are actually worth buying. I am definitely someone who buys things that I don’t need, so finding inexpensive clothes at a thrift shop really enables me. To stop me from buying anything too stupid I often go thrifting with friends, though this can backfire and lead to really terrible purchases (in other words, make sure your friends don’t hate you).

friendship is MAGIC

When you do go thrifting, think about how much the same article of clothing would cost new and if buying it used is worth it (usually it isn’t). Always check the condition of the article of clothing and how many times you’ll need to wash it before the smell of the previous owners dirty laundry comes out.


It can be super frustrating when the only nice things you find are in a size 11.5, when you’re a size 8.5.


Whenever you go shopping, never think that you absolutely need to buy something on that trip. Sometimes all you can find is complete garbage.

literal chainmail

Sometimes, when you go shopping, you get really lucky. After three separate trips to go thrift shopping at five different thrift shops, I only found two things worth buying. They fit pretty well and they were from pretty nice brands: one was a polo from Commes des Garcons PLAY and the other was a flannel from Scotch & Soda.

please dont wear pattern on pattern

In the end, buy clothes that make you feel confident, buy clothes that fit your body, and buy things that make you happy.