Sidestreet Runway: Parking Lot Views

It’s almost Christmas, a holiday celebrated and loved by many people around the world! In some parts of the world, it’s snowing right now, but here, the sun is still shining bright. Winter is coming and Fall is coming to an end. In this slightly colder season, I enjoy spending most of my days posted up on the couch in sweats with junk food at hand. But that didn’t seem like a very interesting photoshoot, so here are some pictures of me walking around a rooftop parking lot at Stonestown. I really like this jacket because it’s soft and warm, so when I walk outside to face the brisk morning I feel as if I’m still wrapped up in my blanket.

Jacket – The North Face Women’s Osito 2 fleece Jacket – – $99.00 Pants – Women’s Motivation High-Rise Tights – – $75.00 Side Note: they don’t sell the exact color jacket that I’m wearing anymore, but there is a new one that is a really pretty pale yellow color.
Top – (something similar): Lettuce Edge Cropped Tee – – $8.90
Shoes – Nike Air Max Thea Women’s Shoe – – $95.00

Camera: Canon eos 80d
Photographer: Veronica Liang

This concludes Sidestreet Runway for 2017. In the short time I have been part of The Wave, I’ve been through some big changes, all of which I’m proud of. I’ll be back back in the new year with many more ideas, photos and places to come. Thanks to Veronica for making the quality of my post 1000x better. And thanks to my friend Jenny for helping out with this shoot (the other human in the header photo). Happy Holidays everyone, see you next year!