Very Real: Fish at the Disco

Watch out kids, The Disco is coming to town. For this drawing, I wanted to make use of the different brushes that light up in Tilt Brush. Below, I have highlighted a few of the fish from my disco-process. The first fish I created was a blue fish with bell bottom trousers. This fashionable fellow is sporting the trending wide-cut pant look, with glowing rainbow stripes.

Beyond the sauntering fish, a cluster of variegated fish wearing yellow glasses hoard around a yellow submarine. Rather than draw each fish individually, I experimented with the copy-paste and re-color tools. 

To create this bad boy, I made a smaller squid, about two feet long (it is hard to approximate size in VR) and then blew him up to massive proportions. Notice the peace-sign suction cups on his tentacles. These are very important and you will be expected to remember them when I’m done. I employed a similar function for the large cage-looking background. Using the sphere guide and geometric brush tool, I formed a large hedron and blew it up so that it would expand outward until it surrounded all the creatures.No disco would be complete without a smoker or two.