Alfreddo’s Anime Corner: Bye Bye For Now!

Hello! Welcome to Alfreddo’s Anime Corner. As you know, the rents in San Francisco have been going through the roof these last few years and lately, I have been having trouble paying this rising cost every month. Unfortunately, this is what allows me to stay here and share my thoughts about anime. To add to my problems, I haven’t been able to pay the local triad to protect me. So now I have both the government and the local gangsters on my trail.

This leads me to a very difficult announcement. For the indefinite future, I will be going undercover in South America. I have a cousin living in Brazil who owns a computer shop. Once I get settled, I will attempt to make contact with you guys, but who knows, maybe the gangsters have a GPS strap on my forehead. If my financial situation changes, I will try to return in the fall. For now, I will be trying to find a escape plan to exit the country and avoid the FBI and all these gangsters. Wish me luck! Farewell.