Out of the Closet: Inspiration

After listening to my unsubstantiated advice, you’re probably wondering, why the (excuse my language) frick am I listening to this guy? I’m wondering the same thing. All of the things that I’ve written about in my posts I learned from looking at other people’s outfits and listening to Kanye. Who listens to Kanye anymore? The answer is everyone. Everyone listens to Kanye. Therefore everyone should listen to me. 17/38 doctors recommend listening to me and doctors are smart. Listen to your doctor for a happy, healthy life.

Anyway! As mentioned earlier, I’ve learned how to dress by looking at artists like Kanye, Ta-ku, ESTA, and a whole bunch of Instagram accounts. The outfits they wear inspire the outfits that I put together. Notice I said inspire, because there is no way that my wallet would ever let me mimic their outfits exactly and my style and body type is different from theirs. As a farewell present to you, my many many many fans, I’ve put together a little album of pictures that inspire me (along with a few of my own).

[masterslider id="5"]

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