Chibi Tribe: Rin the Sorcerer

Hometown: Burmia Village
Tribe: Fire
Position: Fire Sorcerer
Age: 17
Fun Facts: A lover or Mabo tofu, spicy foods, and bears

Backstory: Rin was born as a fire sorcerer. Her parents abandoned her because Rin’s red eyes were cursed: if a person looks at them, that person will start bleeding from various parts of their body. Rin knew that in order to prevent people from bleeding she had to cover her eyes with a blindfold and trained herself to be able to control the power of fire so as not to hurt others by accident.

One day she ran into some bandits and was able to fight them with her power of fire. After fighting the bandits, a woman named Mino walked to her and told her that she had the talent to become a strong sorcerer, but that she was lacking something important. Rin asked Mino how to address her problem and Mino told her that if she wants to overcome what she is lacking then she has to go to the Fire Tribe to get stronger and master her powers. Rin agreed to go with Mino to the Fire Tribe to train.

When Rin arrived at the Fire Tribe, Mino lead her to a school where the students were taught how to fight and where Rin dedicated herself to overcoming her shortcomings. After seven weeks has passed, Rin completed her training, mastered control over her emotions. and was then ready to go on a journey. Mino told Rin to be careful which path to walk if she hoped to survive the journey and complete her quest. I don’t want to say too much more!

And Finally: This will be my last post. I enjoyed drawing chibis from different tribes and creating the fun facts, hometown, tribe, position and age here. Creating backstories was hard, and learning to use the Wacom Tablet was a new challenge, but I enjoyed both!