PotPie: The Filling

What makes a pie a pie? The answer is it’s filling. The filling makes the pie what it is. Without the filling it would be like a really large cookie. The filling of a pie can be sweet or savory, for instance, sweet pies can have apple, plum, or cherry fillings while savory pies can be things like chicken pot pies and mincemeat pies.

Applesauce for apple pie filling

For my most recent fruit pie filling, I used apple. Apple is a very simple and common filling in fruit pies. For this filling, I used fuji apple, which I used because it is both sweet and crispy in comparison to something like a red delicious apple (which is a bit bland in my opinion).


Meat pie filling. (potatoes, carrots, onions, and beef)

For my most recent meat pie filling, I used beef. Even though this was my first time making a meat pie, I found it really simple to make. When properly cooked, beef is juicy and tender just like other meats. Chicken and pork are both great but they only taste great if seasoned with a bunch of other things, while on the other hand, beef has a naturally amazing taste even if with just only salt and pepper.