Psychic Psychedelia: Update/Progress

Crash! That’s the sound of the new and improved Psychic Pschedelia coming to The Wave. In this slightly revised version, I will still be creating album cover artwork, but this time I am going to incorporate my own photography from across San Francisco and beyond. This post is not a ‘full-on post,’ but a preview of pictures to come. On the day I took these photos, I planned to take lots of photos and spend time with my friends around Ocean Beach and Lands End (which is exactly what happened). When the sun was setting, the ocean looked absolutely beautiful, adding to our already awesome day. We tried quite hard to get some of these shots; at one point, we climbed into a tree and two of us nearly fell. My friend Julian got a huge cut under his eye. I think it ended up adding to the pictures. Please enjoy and look forward to some album art soon!

as the sun disappeared…
just a minor slice…
peeking through the hole
light breaks on the dark shore
lucid dreams
darkness falling on the horizon