The Perfect Ballad: The One for Me

Matthew Chen

The wait has finally come to an end. My song is out today! With this post, I am dropping my final mix, available on Sunset Media Wave’s Soundcloud account. In an undisclosed amount of time, I will be releasing my song on my Youtube channel, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and other similar platforms. I am so excited that this long and exhausting process has finally come to an end and has resulted in a track that I’m truly proud of, and only better things will happen for me now, as I continue onto my own journey of creating music.

Lots of effort has been put into “The One for Me”, and I’d like to thank the people that helped me along the way to make this happen.

I was ecstatic when Austin agreed to play guitar for my song. After hearing some of his covers on Instagram, I instantly slid into his Instagram messages to compliment his singing and ask for a possible collab. Being the kind person he is, Austin agreed to the collab and we instantly became good friends. We did a collab on the song “I Don’t Care” by Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber, as you saw in my 3rd post, where he demonstrated his musical talent in both singing and guitar. Throughout the entire process, Austin has been extremely patient and generous with his time to come to Wave with me to help me with the song and helping me take pictures for my posts. He offers great singing tips as well as modeling tips! He is an amazing friend and his expert opinions have made the song to what it is today. And our occasional poker sessions at the wave have definitely helped me rewind and take a break. Thanks, Austin!

  • Jon & Michael, editors from Sunset Media Wave:

Throughout this entire process, Jon and Michael have shown and demonstrated unconditional support and guidance. Their help was a really big part of where the song is today. They are extremely talented in the departments of music and editing, as they are also incredible musicians themselves. Words cannot truly express how much they’ve helped me along the way. They helped me record and edit my song, and made sure my voice sounded as incredible as possible. They helped with smooth transitions and the overall sounds of the piano and guitar instrumental tracks. My song would truly not be where it is today without these two amazing people. Thank you so much, Jon and Michael!

  • Rachelle, the mom of Sunset Media Wave:

Rachelle is basically the mom of Sunset Media Wave. She prepares our snacks for us to gobble right up as we arrive, and cleans up after our dirty teenager selves. But all jokes aside, if it wasn’t because of Rachelle and her snacks, I wouldn’t be able to think and focus after long days at school. She continuously offers unconditional support and guidance as she often helps fix my horrible grammar. Thanks for everything Rachelle!

During our journey to the ‘Perfect Ballad,’ we discovered that the perfect ballad consists of:

  • smooth-sounding piano and/or guitar as the main instrument
  • uplifting and often bittersweet chorus
  • arrangements that showcase the singer’s voice
  • romantic and often vulnerable lyrics
this is Austin, who seems very focused.

All of these hopefully can be found in “The One for Me.” I hope you will agree with all of the above when you listen to my song and please let me know what you think of it! You can leave a comment below or check out my Instagram (@matthw.chen) and contact me through there. If you’ve made it this far in my column, thanks for reading and goodbye for now!