From Ears to Eyes: Song of the Lark

The lark: a small ground-dwelling songbird, typically with brown streaky plumage, a crest, elongated hind claws, and a song that is delivered in flight. Tchaikovsky composed a series of pieces for each month in the late 1800s and one of them was “Song of the Lark,” which represented March. “Song of the Lark” is a short piece that has many dynamic jumps and has many staccatos. This piece reminded me about the fairies in a teacup trope because of how mischievous and dainty it sounds. 

I wanted to make the drawing look like a parade of fairies and tea sets to show the playfulness of the piece. I drew dots of light to represent the staccatos and grace notes, which made the piece feel more delicate. I then colored the drawing to make it more vibrant. In addition to the illustration, I learned the piece on piano and then recorded it. Check it out in the lark-link below, I hope you enjoy it!