M&M: Because of the Internet


 Childish Gambino is one of my favorite artists. The fact that he is an actor, comedian, and rapper is really inspiring to me. To show my appreciation, I decided to do a look based on his album, Because of the Internet

I own the vinyl version of this album and the cover has an orange-pink chromatic look that I really like. Using my eyeshadows, I focused on this characteristic.

Another aspect of the album cover that I noticed and tried to incorporate into my look were the different colors on either side of him.

As for the songs on the album and their connection to my look, the songs are all very different. Whether hyped and upbeat or downtempo and chill, somehow they all seem to flow. With this idea, I wanted to create a look where the inner corner of my eyes are the same and the outer parts fade into different colors. There are many different colors here, but they are still connected. Although I wasn’t able to achieve this exactly, I still like the look. I hope you do too!

Photos by: Ciara Kosai