In the Loop – Intro

Welcome to In the Loop! My name is Devon. I am an upcoming sophomore at SOTA for Media/Film. In my last summer at The Wave, I made the column 11.5 x 14, in which I focused on doing landscape photography of places I went during the summer. It was fun, but now I’m changing my idea completely. I’ve been producing music for more than three years and it has become a serious hobby of mine. Over the years, I’ve learned a few things about how to produce better songs, and I’d like to put all of my knowledge into one track over the summer.

This column will take you through the process of producing an electronic song in FL Studio. I will go through chords, melody, percussion, bass, and the basic building blocks of an experimental-sounding song. For the last post, I will be posting the completed track. Come along on this journey as we head on Into the Loop!