Unseen Light: Adventure Time

I wanted to make my last post a special one to remember and so I decided to focus on cartoons. Cartoons are shows we all watched growing up and throughout our childhood, and if you’re like me, you may have watched a cartoon show called Adventure Time, which is still going on today (right now it on Season 7). I still watch Adventure Time because it continues to be a good show and it was a big part of my childhood (as were shows like Pokemon).

I was inspired by the art style in Adventure Time, especially how colorful it is. In my drawing the main character of the show, Finn (the human) can be found in the right-bottom corner, and next to him is Jake, his dog. My character (who has been in all my others posts) can be found in the left-bottom corner where she is talking to some of the main character friends.

This is my last post on The Wave, I hope you’ve enjoyed following along on my artistic journey!