BedRock IQ: Meet Mikyuki!

Welcome to the one and only BedRock IQ column! Woo-Hoo! [Insert Clapping Noise Here] “I live in a cubey world in a Minecraft world. It’s so cubey, in my crafty world.”

Hello this is Mikyuki, reporting live from my Minecraft world! I am here to share my big/little cube world and bring it into the eyes of hoomans! (Humans, AKA you. The reader.) BedRock IQ is all about my Minecraft life and ME. Yes My IQ is nearly close to bedrock itself, hence the reason why I decided to name my column BedRock IQ. Hopefully, I can show you some tricks and building tips! Sorry but my IQ is too low for redstone, I’m not a genius. Get it? I am a builder! I create things in Minecraft like buildings (although they are not Cal OSHA certified – it`s a Minecraft thing) and scenery-scaping (basically, landscaping, which I suck at) and PVE and PVP worlds. ( I will explain more about PVE and PVP later, as I assume you do not really know what Minecraft is). My Minecraft creations are located in many different worlds! Mainly, I build cabins and medieval-looking things which I will show to you hoomans! Best of all, I will make sure you have a blast while going through all these majestic creations!

Knocks on screen.

Stay tuned in!