Right Now: Dear Young Me

dear young me,


it’s been a few years

you’ve lived and you’ve grown 

almost ready to live

all on your own


but mistakes will be made

before you get here

i just wanted to let you know

before you shed all your tears 


one day it’ll get better

one day you’ll be ok

one day the rain will stop

and the sun will take its place 


and happiness will move over

to where fear used to stand

and you’ll be able to let go

of the helping hand


the hand that is the drugs

and the self-inflicted pain

mixed together with solitude 

picking away at your brain


if you’d just be patient

and walk away

from what you think is necessary 

before it causes a world of pain


keep your eyes forward

away from the past

before it eats you alive

remember that one day your happiness will last