Dungeons and Doodles: Preparing for a Quest!

Hi everybody! Guess who is back? If you guessed Amanda, the old columnist for Post-It Kid, then you are correct! But if you guessed a fire-breathing, slimy troll, you are sadly wrong. I’m stoked for this fall session at Sunset Media Wave because I will be writing and drawing about one of the nerdiest activities: Dungeons and Dragons. Many of you may be questioning why I am so interested in this game where one sits in a dimly lit basement with a bunch of sweaty, neck-bearded dudes who role play as stubby dwarves and magical elves? Well, I am here to break the stereotype that D&D is exclusively for male shut-ins—it is actually for everyone to play! With Dungeons and Doodles, I want to write about the fictional adventures my friends and I are having, draw the cool characters we encounter, and overall just have fun. I hope you stick with me as I explore made-up worlds and slaughter giant beasts.