No Monet: Kim Jisoo

Hey People! This is actor Kim Jisoo, who was once part of JYP Entertainment. I found out about him through a Korean drama called Doctor Crush. This drama was okay, but I felt that it was a bit boring until his character came up occasionally. I think it is pretty obvious, but he played one of my favorite roles: Soo Chul, a rebellious character who, over the course of many episodes, became a responsible adult. Here’s my rough draft of the drawing:


After finishing my sketch, I began to fill in the details:


I am aware that I messed up the shading (quote from sibling: “It looks like he just got smacked in the face with a pile of mud.”), but I guess some drawings don’t end up exactly as desired. Thank you for taking a look at my post. I hope you’re looking forward to my next ones!