BedRock IQ: Dah-Llama-Army Base


Hello-chi! This is Mikyuki here and I bring you good news. Finally, I found a plot of land to settle in on. I shall raise an army of llamas, and rule the world! But first, I need materials! Hmmm, how should I build my house? Maybe I should build it out of wood? Maybe some clay thrown in for color? Where can I get my items? *Opens maps and the scene fast forward* After a bit of mining, my tools are really worn out so I have decided to give my tools some upgrades. The hunt for diamonds begins! I am actually pretty excited for whatever comes my way because each time I mine a wall of stone, I’m not sure what awaits me on the other side. A cave? An abandoned mine-shaft filled with creepy-crawlies? Or a rumored mysterious dungeon that is supposed to be somewhere in this world? Well we will have to find out for ourselves! Ta~ta Mikyuki reporting out! *Starts mining straight down* Erp! NOH! Lava! I`M MELTINGGGG – NOOOO!