BedRock IQ: A New Buddy

BedRock IQ: A New Buddy


Hello this is Mikyuki and I have found someone in my world! Buddy and I met while I was mining my way through the world. It seems like I am not alone! Hurray! His name is NitroJr. He`s got brown hair and likes the color green. He is also trying to mine around and explore whatever mysteries lie around this blocky world. “Is this world cubey? Or is it flat?” *Fast forward a couple hours later* It has been (I have no idea) years since NitroJr and I have seen the sunlight. We are digging and mining around using a llama caravan to carry our stone as we adventure our way through this epic mine-adventure. We stumble upon the rumored “Dungeon,” but as we are scouting around, our llamas just decide to run off. (Thanks guys.) Oddly. It is very dark and spooky, which gives me the creepy crawlies. Other than that…

We find a portal-like thing and some chests that contain items and food. We wonder what lies beyond the portal. Should we take the dive and find out? We argue. Then we decide that our caravan of llamas (Dah Llama Army) passed through this portal while we were digging around in the mysterious chest of goodies. We will not be deterred. We are going for it. Wish us luck!


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