Paper Planes: Welcome Aboard

Welcome everyone! My name is Jennifer and I love all kinds of art. My favorite pastimes include going to the movies, listening to music, and seeing new art exhibits. However, my biggest passion is visual art. I started in preschool with drawing and painting, but over the years I’ve started to experiment with new types of media. So far, I’ve worked with drawing, painting, photography, and fashion design, and I’ll be combining these four medias in my column.

I was born and raised in San Francisco and I love my city, despite the bipolar weather. However, after ten months of school each year, my surroundings start to feel boring, as if there is nothing new to do. This is why I love traveling, trying new foods, visiting historic landmarks, and hearing different languages. Every summer, my family takes a trip to a new place where I take hundreds and hundreds of photos. For my column, I’ll be taking my travel photos and drawing/painting figures into them, positioning them to fit into their environment. These figures will be drawn doing activities and wearing the fashion style unique to that particular place. This way, we will be able to step outside of our common everyday life and explore other countries and their cultures.