Table of 3: Intro

The world is wonderful, and I’m always this optimistic and carefree. Actually, that was a lie. In fact, I am infamous in my friend group for being stressed out. I am the girl who worries about everything. If I’m not stressing about a group project, I’m stressing about the AP Physics test on Tuesday. You can spot me muttering to myself right before a test. Don’t worry, I’m not trying to curse you. I’m just a stress freak, a stress freak that wants to welcome you to Table of 3.  It’s a column that will be as chill as possible, so that it won’t add to my stress and possibly give me ulcers. The same should apply to you. Don’t stress yourself out reading my column–just relax and scroll.

A few years back, when I had less defined eye bags, I spent some time doing something that, for once, wasn’t stressful. In algebra class, I sat in a table of three with two other girls (and an extra empty desk). The teacher would often finish his lectures early, and leave us with just enough time to do whatever we want. Being the heavy procrastinator that I was, I didn’t even want to touch my homework. So, instead, I goofed around with my table mates. Each day (if we had time), we would go online and generate a random word, and then draw something related to the word. The next day, we would reveal it to each other and have people judge it for fun. Unfortunately, in order to not fall off the school’s struggle bus, we stopped. Now, I want to bring it back. I’ve gathered my friends to do it again. This column will be just that: the three of us drawing based on a random, digitally generated word from this site. Anyways, if you find yourself too stressed to function come back anytime. See you next stress.