In Castaway Bottles – Nameless Notes

Dear Alizakai,

There are many things you regret. Ranging from the littlest things to something maybe even greater. But as much as you want to reverse those times to do something differently, you may come to regret that too. From whatever action you regretted, maybe something good came out of it that you didn’t see. Maybe it led to something or some moment you would later look back on and appreciate. If you went back in time to change something that had happened, think of what other events may have been tied it. What would you have altered? Writing these letters can make you realize, that’s a risk you shouldn’t take.

There’s going to be more things down the line you’ll wish you have never done, but in the end you would have learned how to prevent those mistakes from reoccurring. Use those experiences as something to look back onto if a similar situation were to arise. Use it to your advantage. 

Don’t be indecisive, choose your decisions and pick your battles with certainty. If you made a wrong choice, learn from it, stop dwelling on it. Although “live your life with no regrets” has a positive connotation, regrets result in self growth. Besides, if you ever come to regret something you can’t seem to let go off, you can always write another letter.

[To be continued.]