Collection Agency: Corgis, K-Pop, Comics, and Conversations with Plants

Greetings and welcome to Collection Agency, a new effort from the creative minds here at The Wave. As many of you may know, one of the internet’s strongest traits is its unwavering ability to DISTRACT. How is one expected to concentrate on homework or fill out all those college apps while there are so many videos to be watched, songs to be heard, and instas to be grammed? The internet is so full of distractions, in fact, that sometimes we can even find ourselves distracted from what was originally distracting us!

Really, it’s a jungle out there, and we here at The Wave have absolutely no interest in taming it. Rather, we’ve decided to semi-regularly take out our digital machetes and hack away at the internet’s dense jungle vines to reveal the beauty that is underneath. In other words, here at Collection Agency a random cast of Wave contributors will present you, our dear readers, with some of their favorite recent distractions culled from all different corners of the world wide web.

Let us help you waste some time by perusing and enjoying the offerings below! And check back in frequently for future installments of Collection Agency!

1. Loki the Corgi + Instagram = Lokistigram

I like corgis, and Loki the Corgi was one happy corgi that still deserves to be loved and appreciated. Loki recently passed on (RIP Loki), but you should still honor and remember him in all his corginess by checking out Loki’s Instagram. – Nelson Poon, Reel Snacks

2. “The 7th Sense” a.k.a. The Best Video by NCT U

A personal highlight of my past year, this is my go-to song for when I’m feeling stressed or if I just need to clear my mind. It’s one of the only two music videos put out by this group, but—in my opinion—this one far surpasses the other with its aesthetically pleasing color schemes and amazing choreography. – Alicia Ng, Between the Seams

3. Conan Gray Answers Questions and Eats Waffles

Conan Gray is a quirky, lighthearted, relatable teenage YouTuber. He aspires to be an artist and exhibits his art pieces and music on his own YouTube channel. In addition, he posts vlogs, monthly favorites, and Q&As. Every time I watch his videos, I am relaxed by his voice and his general aesthetic. In this video, he answers questions about his favorite artists and ice cream flavors, etc. whilst eating waffles. – Melina Diaz, The Meme-ing of Life

4. A Q&A Session with Plants

This short video shines a light on the “thoughts” of plants. I never get bored watching this video. – Hiroya Gojo, From Zero to a Game

5. A Daily Comic from Michael DeForge

Leaving Richard’s Valley is a comic by Michael DeForge that’s updated kind of daily. I like to read it during passing periods. – Hannah Cosselmon, Mixed Vegetables

6. The Greatest Hot Chocolate Recipe Ever?

Check out this great hot chocolate recipe. I go to this website and just stare at it without actually making it because it is actually that good. – Michelle Chu, BookME

7. Ed Sheeran’s New Album Was Worth the Two-Year Wait

I’ve waited two years for Ed Sheeran’s new album, Divide, and now it’s finally here! I bet he’s great at math. Listen to it and enjoy his lovely voice. Also, listen especially to “Dive” because it’s amazing and my favorite song from the album! Happy listening! – Janelle Paredes, Wandering on Cloud Nine

8. Watch Someone Speed Paint a Little Kitty

This is a speed painting of a little kitty using aesthetically pleasing pastel colors and editing. The video shows the painting process step-by-step, which is helpful for painting beginners. It’s a relaxing way to spend four minutes. – Jennifer Cheung, Paper Planes

9. Furniture To Inspire You

This furniture store embodies the home I envision living in the years to come. The minimalistic and effortless colorplay reflect the underrated beauty that is furniture. – Belle Zhao, Earth to Belle

10. Watch Nicole Take on SF! Who is Nicole? Well, now’s the time for you to find out!
Nicole is a really down-to-earth YouTuber. Although she isn’t super consistent with her uploads, her video editing never fails to amaze me. Her channel features a lot of Korean skincare/makeup reviews and fashion lookbooks along with the occasional vlog, so go check them out if you’re interested! – Leticia Zhao, Love Out Loud