Mission to Ambition: Lost in the Clouds

In this post, I want you peeps to know a bit more about me and the dilemma I am currently facing. I am unmotivated and cannot find a single goal to strive for. I have no clue what my “dream job” is, or what direction I am trying to go in life. However, I was not always like this.

When I was younger, I believed anything I thought of could be achieved, like me becoming a doctor for aliens or something of that sort. No matter how bizarre, everyone supported my decisions and I was praised for anything I did. This slowly disappeared as I grew up. People started to doubt my abilities and they started to make decisions for me, diminishing my self-confidence. I was too intimidated to take risks because I thought that people would judge me, or that I was not good enough. The thought of being inadequate caused me to no longer huge goals for myself.

Goals and dreams are things that guide people to their desires. Without one, life drags on with no meaning. It was terrible going about, feeling empty and hopeless which where I am at now. There was nothing I desired to do. The reason why I made this column is to mainly help people like me, who really want to get out of this rut. It’ll take time, but one day, you (and I) will find a dream worth chasing for.

This post was rather a serious one, but I feel like it is important to acknowledge that the people around you will have a heavy influence on you. It’s inevitable, but you cannot let them bring you down. The only one that truly stands in your way is you. You determine how far you want and will go. Let your dreams take flight and reach for them with all your might. See you guys in my next post! Don’t give up friend.

Photo by Andrew Ruiz