Let’s Talk About Sex: Introduction

So SEX… what the hell is this about? No, this isn’t an article for Cosmopolitan. No, this isn’t some terrible “Birds and Bees” explanation video from the ‘70s. Rather, this is an effort to destigmatize talking openly about sexuality. As a teenager I know no one wants to talk to their mom about “gettin’ it on,” however everyone should have the option to have an open discourse around sex. In Let’s Talk About Sex, I’ll be sharing interviews with teens, adults, and medical professionals and discussing their views on sexuality, body positivity, masturbation, and all that jazz!

I’ve had a passion for spreading sex positivity and destigmatizing conversations about sex for my last few years as a teenager. I’m lucky enough to have parents who see the value in addressing sex as a part of life and not trying to hide it away as a taboo subject. Being able to talk with them about things like going to Planned Parenthood or taking birth control without feeling shamed by them has strengthened our relationship beyond belief. It has also instilled a passion in me to show others the ways talking openly about sex can help strengthen a relationship as well as empower teenagers to embrace young adulthood. Now talking about sex positivity has obviously led me down some awkward roads before, but nonetheless my bold efforts has always persisted, even if it has raised some eyebrows in the process. So let’s talk about sex!