Where the Two Worlds Meet: An Introduction

Welcome to the world of Where the Two Worlds Meet, in which both nature and digital art come together. Before I go into more detail about my column, let me give you some background information about myself.

Ever since I was little, I liked to draw. I wasn’t very good at it then, but I still enjoyed it. Now that I’m in high school, I’ve decided I want to eventually major in graphic design when I go to college and have begun to learn about digital painting, and so far, I’m liking it! I hope to develop my own style by the end of this cycle of The Wave and improve on both my photography skills and digital art skills.

Over the next few weeks, my column will combine photography and digital art. The pictures I take will focus on the natural world, which when combined with digital art brings me to the name Where the Two Worlds Meet. For my initial series of posts, I will focus on people, and along with my digital art, I will have my subjects fill out a questionnaire, which I will include in the post.

Stay tuned for the next journey on Where the Two Worlds Meet!