Not a Phase: Baby Blue

My final shift: green to blue. The goal for my time at The Wave was to reach people around my age because they would most likely understand the references and albums. This post’s theme is memes, so it targets teenagers most out of all my works. Thank you for watching my growth as an artist, and if you go to my page you can see the gradient of all my pieces. 

Albums Featured:                                                      Songs Listened to While Creating:

Kauai- Childish Gambino                                          Baby- Quality Control

Whack World- Tierra Whack                                     Y U Gotta B Like That- Audrey Mika

Freudian- Daniel Caesar                                            In My Room- Frank Ocean

ONEPOINTFIVE- Amine                                              Face to Face- Ruel

Lost & Found- Jorja Smith                                          Buying Time- Lucky Dave

Bcos U Will Never B Free- Rex Orange County        Go To Town- Doja Cat