Clay of the Dead: Archibald the Mechanic

Archibald, the clever mechanic, is the most recent and most ancient addition to my squad of undead clay creatures. Just last month, Archibald reached the ripe age of 6,660 years old, making him the oldest person alive. He avoids public attention though, so he hasn’t really told anybody yet, preferring to make trinkets in the privacy of his hobbit-like hut on the side of a cliff. 

As you may have noticed, Archibald has a disembodied head, and no torso or arms, meaning he uses his feet and toes as hands. He also has a few very thick, long strands of hair, that have the ability to conduct electricity, aiding in his machinery work. His hair allows him to work during blackouts and even make off the grid house calls. Some believe that this is the secret to his longevity.

As for friends, Archibald goes way back with Susan the time snail. Their longlasting affinity began as a random twist of fate, when Susan accidentally time teleported into his hut in the year 1769. They were quick friends, hanging out for over a year before Susan decided to time travel yet again. Now they are reunited, and Archibald couldn’t be happier!