Mimicking Masterpieces: Yoon Hyup

Mimicking Masterpieces: Yoon Hyup

Yoon Hyup is a New York-based artist, born and raised in Seoul, Korea. In his paintings using walls and canvases, he uses simple lines and dots to capture his vision. He has drawn his inspiration from landscapes, skateboarding, and music. In addition, he has collaborated with several well-known companies, such as HUF, Rag & Bone, and Nike, just to name a few.

“I take a picture with my eyes, digest it with my mind, and reprint it with my hands.” – Yoon Hyup, 2017

A few of my favorites. I drew most of my inspiration from Tokyo Skyline, top right.

Wow, talk about riding The Wave.

Here are some of the products that have resulted from his collaborations.

This is in Facebook NY, 2015

Gangnam Blvd., 2016

Seoul City, 2017

Wishing for A Bright Sunny Day, Rag and Bone, 2014

Queens All Day, 2015

Summer Breeze, I like the colors.

Miami Sky, 2017

When browsing his artwork, some of the main characteristics I noticed about his art style were:

  1. He uses straight or curved lines and dots, which rarely intersect. The lines and dots are consistent in thickness.
  2. He uses at least four different colors. In his abstract art, he mostly uses black, white, and the primary colors. In his more realistic art, like landscapes, he normally uses different shades of the colors that are present in the scene. Each individual line and dot is one color, there is no gradient. The backgrounds are either white or black.
  3. The lines are evenly spaced out, and thicker than the spaces in-between. Normally, the whole canvas is filled in, leaving no area blank.

And finally, to unveil my attempt at mimicking his art style, with the curtains pulling back and fanfare playing in the distance, ta da!

I think it came out pretty good.

Explore more of his work here. (http://www.yoonhyup.com/Air-Max-90-Multi-Camo)

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    Ella Luna

    YOOOO Melina this is so lit!!! I literally didn’t even recognize that the last one wasn’t from the artist. You been killin it so proud of you young sprout xoxo

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