Tripping Down Memory Lane: From Friends to Memories



deep in thought

no one to think about

as I lost myself 

everyone else tended to walk out


sometimes I need you 

but no one is there 

we’re all seemingly drowning together 

yet it’s just me gasping for air


I miss when I could run to you

when tears filled up my eyes

now when I find myself drowning

my only comforts are in your lies 


maybe one day 

one day you’ll all come back

my friends, more like family

without you it’s love I lack 


knocked down by the time flying

but it’s not from fun

each day spent wallowing in the previous 

moving on is more like a long run 


they say friends come and go

yet mine have only gone

when seeing firsthand what I’ve become

swallowed by my pain, chewed up and spat out; they decided to move on