11 1/2 x 14: West Coast

This collection of photos are from California’s West Coast. Last month, my family and I drove from San Francisco down to Monterey from San Francisco and we stopped along the way to snap some shots of the beautiful ocean. We were a little worried at first because it was foggy, but then when we got about halfway to Monterey the fog cleared up and we could see all the way to the horizon. The first two shots included here are from when it was foggy, and they turned out beautiful as well. Overall, I was very happy with how these photos turned and hope you enjoy them too.

Fog over the rocky coast
A group of sea palms sitting on the edge of the shore
Two seagulls flying along the coasts with wings forming the shape of an “X”
Seagull flying over the vast ocean
Rocky cliffs of the West Coast
An old railroad track stretches into the distance
A pod of about four whales is feeding close to the beach
A wide view of the Monterey Peninsula
This seagull is sitting on a rock trying not to get wet
A beautiful sunset viewed from Asilomar Beach in Monterey