Just 3D It: 3D Printing a Fighter Plane (Part 2)

Yo, and welcome back to another post on my 3D plane project. After many hours spent designing the plane and encountering some unexpected problems with the 3D printer, I successfully printed out my 3D fighter plane figure!

For the filament, I used a color similar to azure blue because blue is my dad’s favorite color (and it was the only blue filament I could find at the time). The overall printing process took about four hours, and I even recorded the process to show you guys! I also used Adobe Premiere Pro CC for the first time to edit the video. Now I’m happy to say I finally completed the project (and the video of the plane being printed is even being shown on a huge TV screen at The Mix!) Despite spending so much time on the project, I learned a lot about 3D printing and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Watch the quick time-lapse video of my plane design printing out below and look out for some epic background music!

Sadly, this is my last post this Summer session here at The Wave. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share more of my weird but fun projects with you all in the future!