Tall Tayles: Cover Page

I need a way to empty my head and ease my heart. Drawing everything from serious, to sad, to short-lived but happy moments of relationships is a way I achieve that. My name is Chantay, and this comic will be a diary of sorts. A lot of the stories are based on real life, but with exaggerations, different outcomes, things that may have never even happened, and of course, different “characters.” Each character has a real-life counterpart in my life and it’s mostly their stories being portrayed, exaggerated, or fabricated. These are the friends who mean the most in my life, so the relationships are almost identical in the comic; the main character, her female best friend (her heart), and her male best friend (her anchor). In the little moments it’s the relationships that are rarely shown and the ones that don’t have as much drama that make everything seem okay. (Get why it’s called Tall Tayles now?) I hope you take interest and enjoy!