Reel Snacks: That’s A Wrap Folks!

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end.

When I first arrived at The Wave, my column idea was completely different from what it is now. I had originally planned to write an environmentally positive column known as Planet Forward, but as I procrastinated on my homework, and instead watched movies and T.V shows, I realized how powerful film media was when it came to spreading important ideas. That is how my column, Reel Snacks, came to fruition.

It has been an amazing time working on my column for a majority of my 2017 year. I’ve learned many new things, met terrific people, and overall, had a blast growing because of this fantastic experience and opportunity. I believe that, due to this program, I’ve grown intellectually and creatively, and I am excited to use what I’ve learned in my future endeavors in college.

As I take this column into its final lap and journey, I’d like to say that I hope you humans learned new things about the way our planet must move forward, whether it be in terms of environmental, political, or social issues. Thank you for taking the time to read what I had to say, whether it be about the environment or social issues, and I truly hope that my column affected you in a positive way. Thank you to my fellow Wavers for providing such a positive environment full of memes and weird songs. Thank you to Jon, Michael, and Glenn for giving me the opportunity to use Sunset Media Wave as the platform to spread my ideas and learn everything that this program has to offer. I truly hope that everyone who has read this column realizes that there is much more for the human population to do to positively move our planet forward. Film media has positively changed my outlook on the current issues in society, and I hope that it has and will continue to affect your life as well.

And with this last post, I can sadly say, “That’s A Wrap!”